intheshadowofyggdrasil said: What do you think of this ?
Do you think Danielewski drew inspiration from here? Just a coincidence? I can't wrap my head around it.

Kaleb: I think that’s pretty interesting. I was going say it was mostly coincidental, but upon reading the description I’m going to go with maybe slightly.

Set in Sunnyside, Queens in 1965, on the day Pope Paul VI visited New York City, the black comedy features nuns, a political bombing, a GI headed for Vietnam, a zookeeper who dreams of making it big in Hollywood as a songwriter, and his wife Bananas, a schizophrenic destined for the institution that provides the play’s title.

I think that if Danielewski pulled anything from House of Blue Leaves it was maybe P is inspired by Bananas. And the house always being in blue could be Danielewski’s homage to this. But we’ll never know unless we ask him, and even then he’d probably give some bullshit answer that when written down every first letter of every word spells out the real answer. :|

Jess:  I wish I could give this some awesome philosophical answer worth reading, at least somewhat, but I have none! I’m gonna side with Kaleb on this one, with the whole Pelafina/Bananas thing, I think it’s a safe bet to say that MAY have provided some inspiration? And the *house* always in blue, yada yada, yes, probably a tribute, even though there have been many other theories/I think actual solid facts about why the ~house is always in blue. To me, House of Leave is unlike any other story! I think MZD was inspired by a handful of fucking random-ass things, and it turned into a masterpiece… this little gem may or may not have been one of ‘em!